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We know that your time spent in your spa should be as relaxing and as pleasurable as possible.  How the chemicals are maintained, will play a significant part in your enjoyment of your spa.  Ultimately the chemicals can either add to your enjoyment or add to your dissatisfaction of your hot tub experience.


AquaFinesse is revolutionary to the maintenance of hot tub care.   It is a simple once a week treatment.  It has a light lavender fragrance that no longer requires you shower off after you've  relaxed in your spa.  With just a one dose per week treatment, you will have cleaner, clearer water.  The water will also be softer after regular use because the AquaFinesse will help remove calcium and scale buildup from the inside of your hot tub equipment.  Everything you need is in one box - the liquid AquaFinesse and the slow released chlorinating tablets, which is recommended by the National Spa and Pool Institute to maintain the minimum level of 1.5 ppm of chlorine in the spa water.  No other chemicals are needed.    No pH up or down, no foam down, no clarifiers.  Nothing else.  Try it and you will see and feel the difference of this environmentally friendly spa care treatment!

Of course, we can offer the traditional chemicals for spa care treatment, if that is what you prefer.  If you have questions on the maintenance of your hot tub, just ask, we are always glad help.

We can ship your chemicals to your door, just ask!

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